– Our vision

We aspire to be the top choice of all online users who have real estate requirements, in addition to consolidating and expanding our integrated platform, which has at present the largest database of stakeholders and listings. – Our mission

By connecting all our services onto our integrated platform, we are able to provide our customers with an informative and seamless service, that is convenient and easy to use.

About us has made giant strides in the real estate arena since its inception, 12 years ago. From humble beginnings, we have now become the most innovative and extensive real estate service provider in Sri Lanka. Despite our success, we continue to strive to find better, easier and faster ways to support our ever increasing, and increasingly unique customer base.

We have something for everyone. As a proper seeker, you have access to a wide range residential and commercial properties. You can search through the database to find exactly what you need. Should you require any assistance, our team is ever ready to help you.

Property owners, vendors and brokers are welcomed to list out their properties on our site for free. You can list any number of properties and you can provide your direct contact details! We recommend all users to go through and abide by our Guidelines. This will ensure you get the maximum benefit from our service plus will help us maintain our pristine quality standards.