Estate For Sale At Deniyaya(14271)

Deniyaya, Matara, Southern Province
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LKR 4,000,000/Acre
  • Estate For Sale At Deniyaya
  • Estate For Sale At Deniyaya

Basic Info

Published Date 2024-03-06

Financial Info

Net Price LKR 400,000,000
Price per acre 4,000,000/Acre

Advanced info

- Nestled in the picturesque region of Deniyaya, this expansive tea estate spans approximately 100 acres and includes a fully equipped tea factory. The estate features diverse agricultural offerings, with 20.5 acres dedicated to rubber cultivation, 5 acres to cinnamon, and 6 acres to centering. Additionally, there are 9 acres allocated to a new plucking field and 39.5 acres to an existing plucking field, ensuring a steady yield. With 4.5 acres for rehabilitation, 3 acres for a paddy field, and 10.5 acres of jungle, the estate maintains a balanced ecosystem. Accommodation provisions include 51 line rooms, a director's bungalow, and two staff quarters, providing comfortable living spaces for estate workers. Essential facilities like a muster shed and a Kovil contribute to the operational efficiency and cultural vibrancy of the estate. With an average crop yield ranging from 20,000 to 25,000, this estate presents an attractive opportunity for tea production. Additionally, the inclusion of a metal crusher further enhances the estate's capabilities, making it a comprehensive investment for those seeking a thriving agricultural venture in the serene landscapes of Deniyaya.

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