Estate For Sale At Yatawatta Matale(14652)

Yatawatta, Matale, Central Province
Sale | Mixed Plant - Estate 

LKR 6,000,000/Acre

Basic Info

Published Date 2024-04-22

Financial Info

Net Price LKR 300,000,000
Price per acre 6,000,000/Acre

Advanced info

- Nestled in the serene landscapes of Yatawatta, Matale, lies a picturesque estate spanning 50 acres of lush, organic agricultural land. At its heart stands a beautifully renovated bungalow, steeped in history and charm. This haven is a sanctuary for cultivating a rich variety of crops, including coconut, cinnamon, cardamom, African pepper, and an array of other spices. With an annual income averaging between 9 to 12 million, this estate epitomizes sustainable farming practices and harmonious coexistence with nature, offering both a prosperous livelihood and a tranquil retreat amidst the bounties of the earth.

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