Hotel For Sale At 37th Lane Wellawatta(14079)

Colombo 6 (Wellawatta, Pamankada, Kirulapane North), Colombo, Western Province
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LKR 700,000,000
40BEDROOM(S) 19Perch(es) 30,446SQFT AREA

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Published Date 2024-02-20

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Net Price LKR 700,000,000


 A/C  Partially A/C
 Swimming Pool

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Advanced info

- Currently at 92.5% completion, this under-construction hotel building offers a comprehensive array of facilities across its multiple floors. From the car parking area with dedicated disabled parking units and car lift on the parking floor to the spa area with five spa rooms and balconies on the first floor, each level is meticulously designed for functionality and comfort. The second floor features a guest dining area, kitchen, pantry, storeroom, and toilets, while each floor also houses an entrance lobby and eight guestrooms with en suite bathrooms. With amenities such as a swimming pool, washrooms, and water tank strategically placed throughout, the building maximizes convenience and luxury for its future occupants. The plinth area is approved at 12.5, with varying floor sizes from the basement to the rooftop, providing ample space for different purposes.

- Basement floor - 2,854 Sq.ft.
- Ground Floor - 2,800 Sq.ft.
- Mezzanine Floor - 1,370 Sq.ft.
- Parking Floor - 2,650 Sq.ft.
- First Floor - 1,450 Sq.ft.
- Second Floor - 2,703 Sq.ft.
- Third Floor - 2,753 Sq.ft.
- Fourth Floor - 2,753 Sq.ft
- Fifth Floor - 2,753 Sq.ft.
- Sixth Floor - 2,753 Sq.ft.
- Seventh Floor - 2,753 Sq.ft.
- Rooftop - 2,854 Sq.ft.

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