Mix Plant Estate At Deniyaya(13634)

Deniyaya, Matara, Southern Province
Sale | Mixed Plant - Estate 

LKR 6,250,000/Acre

Basic Info

Published Date 2023-12-07

Financial Info

Net Price LKR 1,250,000,000
Price per acre 6,250,000/Acre

Advanced info

- One big bungalow and three small bungalows
- 80 line rooms for workers
- 110 acres of tea: punk leaves, 35,000 to 40,000 average
- 75 acres of rubber
- 15 acres of cinnamon: harvest two times annually
- Factory capacity: 30k per day
- Factory roof fitted with sloar pannels that generate Rs. 500,000 monthly
- 1 km road frontage to carpet road
- 30 minutes from Imaduwa exit

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